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    In comparison to ANY OTHER School and organization in the field, I have FOR 0VER 30 YEARS produced a SUPERIOR Psychiatric Service Dog. There are several reasons for this statement.

    • Our dogs are trained to detect every smell in their handler’s body

    • Our dogs are trained to detect every energy projected from the brain

    • Our dogs are trained to intuit their handler’s needs and commands

    • Our dogs are not just trained to do tasks, but BECOME the kind of dog that naturally does what our clients want.


    New ADA Laws and Regulations

    According to the ADA, effective on 03/15/2011, New ADA Service Animal Regulations were issued that were specific for people that need Psychiatric Service Dogs. Those new regulations state:

    “§ 36.104 Definitions. Service animal means any dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability… providing non-violent protection or rescue work…and helping persons with psychiatric and neurological disabilities by preventing or interrupting impulsive or destructive behaviors.”


    A properly trained Psychiatric Service Animal is a dog trained to empower, enhance, and equip their handler, mentally and emotionally, to function and perform on a level they would be incapable of achieving on their own. These dogs are not there for emotional support, but have been mentally modified, and conditioned with advanced training, to detect, understand, and respond to the mental and emotional needs of their handlers. They perform critical ‘tasks’ that are necessary for the wellbeing and literally “life-saving “of their handlers.

    A Psychiatric Service Dog is by necessity, because of the tasks and functions it performs, a working dog. The dog MUST have working dog instincts, temperament, and drives, and yet needs a balanced, soft disposition and demeanor, for it to work effectively with its’ handler.  Therefore it is a K9!

    There are several things that make my Psychiatric Service dog superior to other working dogs in the field.


    1. Genetics are 90% of a good dog. Any top competitor knows that when it comes down to it, the dog with the best genetics WIN! In 1988 I was sitting in the stands at the World Schutzhund Championships, waiting for my turn to compete, and the Captain of the German came down and sat next to me. Instantly I knew there was something wrong. He then proposed a question to me that obviously was loaded.

    “How about a contest between you and me. We will watch each dog as it comes on the Competition field, and before the dog reaches the judge (40 paces), each will tell the score of the dog (0 to 100) before it has a chance to compete. We can bet five dollars a dog.”

    I agreed, and the man was sure he was going to walk away with his pockets full of my money. What I did was to match the confirmation and temperament of each dog coming on the fieldwith a matching score, and took the bet, almost every time.


    Years ago I created a comprehensive evaluation and analysis to graph the Instincts, Drives, Temperament, and Disposition of any dog. Before we select any dog as a Psychiatric Service Dog, we first evaluate the Dog comprehensively, and because of our evaluation have a 100% success ratio with the dogs we train. We have also developed a breeding program, from trained Psychiatric Service Dogs that we have evaluated, bred, and raised and trained ourselves. These dogs have superior genetics because many are third generation PSD’S.

    Scent Discrimination

    The ability of a Psychiatric Service Dog to smell the presence of chemicals produced by their handler’s body is invaluable. For 20 years now Bob has trained and placed Service Dogs for those suffering with neurological and physically related disabilities and disorders, caused by chemical and neuro disorders within the brains of our clients. Our clients are plagued with allergies, sensory issues, sensitivity to toxins, etc., that have caused critical neurological issues resulting in:


    • Autism and Asperger’s
    • Seizures, Strokes,

    • Depression, Anxiety, Panic Disorders

    • Hypertension, Bi-Polar, ADHD issues, etc.

    • Allergies, reactions to Toxics, etc.,

    • Traumatic Brain Injuries, Tumors, etc.

    These physical disabilities are accompanied by specific smells from the chemicals created by the brain’s hypothalamus that our dogs can detect and respond to. Because this is so prevalent, and so casual in our clients, training our dogs for Detection, and Alert has become the major focus of our business.

    I purposely trains their Service Dogs to detect and alert prior to the incident. Our dogs are trained to smell every scent produced with and emanating from your body, and every energy being projected from your brain.

    For instance, research by Judith Wurtman, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has focused on how certain foods alter one’s mood by influencing the level of certain brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. Even though it is known that many other factors influence the level of these chemicals, such as hormones, heredity, drugs, and alcohol, three neurotransmitters—dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin—have been studied in relation to food, and this research has shown that neurotransmitters are produced in the brain from components of certain foods. Our dogs

    are specifically trained to detect and alert to the smell of the chemicals produced by substances in their handler, and each dog is custom trained for their specific handler’s needs.

    Earlier in his career Bob trained and titled over 100 ground scent tracking dogs for National and International competition, placing first place nationally, several times, with his self-trained German Shepherds.

    A leading Neuro Scientist who was working with FEMA handling Disaster Dogs for the nation contacted me, and using my dogs and training, the late Doctor David Kelso, PHD, a Vice President of the American Red Cross and a Department Head for several Hospital Departments of Neural Surgery, was able to use my dogs to find:

    • People stranded miles from town in 6 to 8 feet of snow, in -30% weather, lost and freezing. My dogs saved them before they were damaged. None of the other trained Police search dogs were able to even find their tracks.

    • One person from a mental facility lost in a large hospital complex. The Police had searched for 8 hours before calling Dr. Kelso and couldn’t find the man. Dr. Kelso’s dog found him within minutes of arriving at the hospital.

    • My dogs found Four children kidnapped from different parts of America, in a house, just by walking down the street, a block away. The children were in a city Dr. Kelso had just arrived in to see his father. He was just taking the dogs’ for a walk when this happened. The dogs alerted to the energies and chemical smells of these kidnapped children in a private residence.

    Dr. Kelso was diabetic and had seizures and the dogs detected his low blood sugar and the abnormal brain disorder each time he suffered an occurrence. Dr. Kelso documented their training and capabilities and used them in several states as Disaster, Police, and Service Dogs in hospitals.

    *Assistance Dogs International recognized him, and his dog Casper was honored by them as the Top Service Dog in America, and by the Red Cross as the top Search and Rescue Dog in America. Dave gave all the credit to Dog Wish and my training. “I have trained at the top six schools for Police K9s and Search dogs in America, and have to admit that Bob Taylor’s Academy is by far the best I’ve found.” DR. DAVID KELSO, PHD. These dogs were no different from the dogs I am training for my clients, now, accept that I am able to do a more exact selection of each dog, to match each client more specifically, which makes all the difference for them.

    I train K9s specifically to detect and alert to each client’s abnormal energy and body reaction activity before an actual seizure experience, often an hour or two before an occurrence. Dog Wish has also trained several dogs to detect the presence of toxics, food substances clients can be allergic to, and other disabling smells, and substances, and help their handler avoid them.


    I have been contacted several times now by families with air scent trained detection dogs that are being passed off fraudulently as Psychiatric Service dogs. Recently Bob was contacted by a family that owns a dog trained at an Academy in the mid-west United States to detect peanuts, to keep their son who has critical allergies to peanuts safe from their toxicity. They purchased this dog as a Psychiatric Service dog for their son, and although the dog does detect peanuts, and is obedient, that’s it. The dog does not perform, nor is it capable of performing any tasks that a proper Psychiatric Service Dog should perform. It isn’t that kind of dog, and the uneducated staff at the Academy doesn’t even know the difference. There is a huge difference between a chemical detection K9 and a dog trained to be a Psychiatric Service Dog. There are several, critical factors involved in the training for a proper Psychiatric Service dog that are not present with a dog who is only trained to Detect and Alert you on a smell or substance.

    This comprehensive science of advanced tracking and detection skills makes Dog Wish Psychiatric Service Dogs invaluable, and only a few facilities in America have the knowledge, background and experience to produce one of these dogs properly. Dog Wish uses expert knowledge of “ground scent” tracking, which is harder to teach, but much more comprehensive than “air scent” tracking methods.

    Brain Wave Sensitivity

    Billions of brain cells interact with one another moment by moment through a network of interconnecting cells.” The ability of the brain to fire neurologically in a regulated, correct manner is what processes information in a complete though form, from one cell in the brain to another. It is an intricate processes that requires proper function of the “Purkinge” axiom, fiber, and cells to work. Inflammation and poor conductivity can block the neuro synapse from processing data, and the brain will not function, as in the case of those disabled by Autism, Alzheimer’s Syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, Traumatic Brain Injury, etc.

    Our species has determined that Alpha brainwaves are masculine, and Theta brainwaves are feminine, and we literally suppress the use of the right side of the brain as inferior. Instead we strongly condition our children, use the school systems, and demand left brain activity and responses. Our communication and our education are based on Alpha activity. Our views on Science and Religion, Politics, and Society are all left brained. Therefore, our ability to understand and use our right-brained activity is greatly restrained, under-developed, and socially restricted.

    My Technology has changed the field of Psychiatric Service Dogs.

    Having been focused on this field of endeavor, through extensive work with the entire spectrum of those disabled with disabilities, I have developed set of highly evolved exercises. These exercises use a positive approach that teaches Service Dogs to:

    • Use their left brain as well as their right,

    • Expand their consciousness,

    • And increase their ability to communicate with humans.

    We have found a process that stimulates the “Purkinge Axiom”, (the extension of the central nervous system, located in every cell in the brain). This process wakes up their conscious mind, and teaches them to receive and process communication dynamically with us on our level.

    This isn’t that hard, as our brain is harder to stimulate, works slower than the dogs’ brain does, and is more clumsy in its’ ability to receive and store information than the dogs’ brain. Because we have altered the process the brain uses through our left brain activity, we have grown lazy through the development of artificial technology that makes life easier for us every day.

    For our dogs, after our training, it is an easy task to understand what we think and desire. They very effectively pick up on our thoughts and desires, and within 3 months can receive and respond to commands and desires we project from our brains without having to be told. According to Dr. David Kelso, PhD, we have mastered the art of teaching them to be “Brainwave Sensitive”.

    "having seen and experienced the affect that Bob's dogs have on their handlers, I decided to send him clients.  He's Great!"  Dr. Steven Gundry, Brain Surgeon

    My Psychiatric Service Dog Program

    • Since its’ inceptionBob’shas over 300 dogs in homes

    • I have over 100 pre-alert Seizure Dogs

    • I created the Dementia dog, Alzheimer’s Service dog program

    • I have become one of the Nation’s top PTSD & Anxiety dog suppliers


    For more information please call Bob at (808) 213-5848, or email bobtheman.me@gmail.com


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